imageThis is one of those things that’s not a big deal today but could be soon. Apparently there’s a limit on the number of live tiles you can have (like weather apps that update the temp or Twitter apps that tell you how many unread Tweets you have). And if you exceed it you simply get an error message to the app that’s generic so you don’t know that’s the problem. Further, there’s no central place for a user to track the live tiles they have active and toggle them. Sort of an odd limitation considering that live tiles use very little data (since it should be a small push of a speck of data to update them). Anyway, hopefully by the time there are 15 apps that use live tiles MS will have removed this cap.


  1. Hmm, 14 right now if I include; phone,people, me, messaging, 3 e-mails, xbox, calender, pictures, music, marketplace and 2 weather (testing). And waiting for the Beezz update. But I am hoping for a WinMilk Live Tile any time now. Don’t think 15 is going to cut it. What were they thinking.

  2. Ok, so I am easily confused so please bear with me. I have read all the various posts regarding the 15 limit push notification and how the Microsoft servers will only allow that number of app requests.Question is, does that 15 include some MS apps like; Marketplace and Hotmail (push). Or is the MS stuff over and beyond the 15. Just trying to get a count cause I assume it does not matter if an app is set as a Live Tile. If push is enabled it will still push.

  3. Just a quick followup for example; I just disabled the Live Tile function in Flixter (not using it on home screen) which is ON by default. So now it should not be part of my push count. All apps with push need to offer that option and clearly explain what it’s for. Otherwise you will see a lot of unnecessary bad app reviews. My app won’t update!

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