Microsoft updated their videos from todays keynote speech and that includes the original footage of the Windows phone IE9 demo. Now this is an early preview of the Mango update we’re going to get later in the year but what it shows is HTML5 using hardware acceleration on a Windows Phone and when you look at the frame rate gap between the Windows Phone and the iPhone it’s actually laughable. Who would have thought that WP7 would win this battle? Anyway, the mobile browser is running the same core as the desktop version and that accounts for why it’s so good.



  1. @Brianna: now that we know they have it in house, now we just see how long it takes them to give it to us. I mean, we all want bug free but I’d take a few bugs to shave a few months:)

  2. I’m afraid Apple is going to pull the same trick when they announce the iPhone5. They’ll put a WP7 phone side-by-side and do a comparison on something a WP can’t do well. But I can understand there are no other phones MS can compare to since it will be stepping on its partners toe if they pull the same trick with an android phone. oh wait… they should have compared it to a Droid. Moto doesn’t make Windows phone.

  3. You can bet by the time this is available for WP7 apple would have probably added something to negate this advantage.

  4. @Brianna: @ Brianna. But is there a possibility that desktop and mobile Safari(or any other competing browser) will have acceleration at the time the new iphone is presented (or shortly thereafter)? I think efjay’s point is that we don’t know what Apple has in store for their new devices prior to the Mango update being released. Hopefully, the Mango update is implemented as ‘future proof’ so that it can effectively compete or out perform other browsers.

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