If you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss over Xbox Live was about but never bothered to buy an Xbox 360 or Windows Phone you can now get in on the action from your PC.  Well not yet, but soon.  Major Nelson confirmed on his blog that Xbox Live is coming to Windows 8 and they are taking a hands on approach during BUILD to show developers how they can create fantastic Xbox Live games for the platform.  Excited? We sure are.  Windows 8 should land just in time for the multi-player gaming to explode across the three screens (PC, Xbox, Windows Phone).


You will notice that the Xbox Live on Windows 8 UI looks identical to the upcoming Xbox 360 Dashboard update due this fall.  Unification personified.

You know what we’re getting really good at here at Mobility Digest? Awesome blog pics!

Source: Microsoft’s Major Nelson


  1. So curious to know if you’ll be able to play 360 titles on the pc finally or if I’ll have to buy digital copies of everything now instead of discs?

  2. @Smitty: Smitty it looks like the way Major Nelson worded the confirmation on his blog that this will be more akin to Xbox Live on Windows Phone utilizing the features like Avatar and Xbox Live branded pc games. Probably enabling devs to port their silverlight apps over to the pc.

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