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WP7 Marketplace: YouTube, Messenger and Adobe Reader Plus A Lot Others Now Available

I guess even the US Market is getting filled for the international launch so now a lot of apps are appearing that weren’t there just hours ago. imageThe description for YouTube reads:

Can’t wait to see that new pet video posted by your friend? Use this app to play YouTube videos by tapping video links in your email and MMS messages, websites and apps like Facebook. Tap the YouTube app icon to open YouTube in browser, where you can sign in and browse millions of videos, including favorites and playlists. The app integrates the Music and Videos hub so you can get to you most-recently played videos and launch YouTube from the hub.

As far as I can tell, it’s barely an app and more of a direction to the phone to open YouTube within the browser that supports the codecs. The image is internet explorer.

imageimageAdobe Reader is exactly what you’d expect. You can open pdfs from email, web links or stored locally. It supports a bunch of pdf specifications and multitouch gestures and even device orientation.

We also got iheartradio, and Slacker (all free) and the Xbox Live games got loaded (21 total right now).

Keep ‘em coming!