Xbox Video and Xbox Music Preview are standalone apps that continue Microsoft’s push to bring their ecosystem up to speed.

Xbox Video will allow Windows Phone 8 users the chance to buy or rent from a deep catalogue of movies and tv shows. Users can either steam or download directly to your phone.

Xbox Music Preview allows users the chance to stream music if you have Xbox Music pass but also great additions like creating playlists (Yay!) that automatically sync across PC, tablet, Xbox, and the web. Now that’s the kind of synergy I’m talking about.

By uncoupling them from the OS updates can be pushed out faster.

Speaking strictly for myself in looking forward to seeing how far and fast Microsoft can take these apps. Nothing but good things ahead folks. Hit the link below to check out more info.
Xbix Music and Video Microsoft Blog Post


  1. So these don’t actually replace the pre-installed Xbox Music & Video app. I guess they supplement it in some way. Wonder what the long term plan is though. Do I really need two apps on my Start screen to play the same music?

  2. You all have heard my qualms about Xbox Music before, so I’m sure what I’m about to say isn’t unexpected. The Music app is still pretty kludgy. They (again) implemented the status bar improperly, did not provide any live tile support at all, and some of the buttons and transitions are inconsistent. All the usual substandard stuff we see whenever a group who isn’t the core Windows Phone team tries to do “Metro-style” UI. The only reason I’m using it is to add music to the Cloud Collection from the phone. Otherwise, the Music+Video Hub still seems to work better for Xbox Music.

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