Despite just recently joining the WIndows Phone bandwagon, ZTE’s VP of terminal device units said they will have phones ready for launch by Q3. Hopefully ZTE wont be the only OEM launching phones in Q3, I’m really hoping they launch devices together live with the original release. I don’t want separate device launches like Android, there just isn’t the substance or polish of original WP7 launch or any of the iPhone releases.

ZTE is rapidly growing in the smartphone market. Last year they shipped 3million units. This year they expect to ship 12million, that’s a 300% increase! Anyone reminded of HTC a few years back?


  1. the only ZTE phone that AT&T offers right now is a little candybar style gophone (r225)… its dirt cheap and works incredibly well. pulls in signal like a champ. im really excited to see what they are going to bring to the table with there windows phone offering.

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