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$300 Off Contract Unlocked HD2 Update

So after posting about the $300 off contract TMo HD2 I’ve gotten a lot of questions about whether or not it worked. The long and short – it works. If you recall, the discount relies on Bing cashback. Here’s the deal- it will show up in cashback (take a look at the pic) BUT you need to file a claim after 2 days because it doesn’t show up on its own. And in order to file the claim you need screenshots of your purchase (that show that cashback was active by the icon when you bought it). Since I didn’t trust the whole thing I had a series of screenshots, the TMo confirmation email, credit card proof, etc and after making the claim I emailed the proof to Bing per their instructions and within hours the cashback was posted.

Now, to TMo. When I received the device I called to cancel service. They talked me into suspending service which is $10/month and I did it in case I needed an account to get an unlock code. I now have an unlock code so I called and terminated the hold so I am entirely off contract.

As for unlocking, I think if I had the patience I could have sent the form in to TMo and received the unlock code but they initially told me I needed to wait 14 days for a grace period. I probably could have argued through it but instead I turned to the web. The other day Doug told you about his use of to get a SIM unlock code. I had actually placed an order right around the same time as him to which is 25 Euros (send them a Paypal, send an email with your PayPal verification and IMEI code and that’s it). I submitted it very late Sunday (past midnight so technically Monday) and received a code by mid-day Tuesday…and success! Once unlocked just run connection manager (in connection settings) and set up your phone for AT&T and also make sure that your connection is set to Medianet as the default and not TMobile. Of course, for MMS settings follow Doug’s instructions from the other day.

So I now have a $300 unlocked, off contract HD2. Yup, Edge is pretty slow but whenever I’m at home or in my office I connect to wifi and then it’s ridiculously fast. For the price I’m more than willing to live without 3G cause this is an incredible device and I preserved my AT&T update which I’ll be using for WP7:)