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3D Asteroids Comes to iOS Tomorrow

I have to admit I like the looks of this game, too bad it’s not on Android.. Maybe they’ll port it over for us? I do like the idea of 3D style asteroids, it’s a new twist on the old classic. 3D Asteroids 2012 will be launching January 1st for iOS users. The premise behind this one is the end of the world, the whole Mayan thing going on. Something tells me we’re going to be seeing a lot of this theme coming this year…



For iOS gamers who want to pilot a spaceship around our Solar System and visit the planets, 3D Asteroids 2012 provides beautifully controlled free roaming 3D space flight allowing virtual ships to fly farther, fly smoother, fly faster with more bullets and missiles than ever before.

Featuring a classic asteroids storyline, “The Mayan calendar alludes to the destruction of Earth in 2012 . We are about to be bombarded with waves of Asteroids and we need everyone to help save the planet. Pick a ship and fly around our Solar System. Be the first to visit Mars”, Asteroids 2012 offers classic Asteroids gameplay loved by generations of gamers whilst utilizing cutting- edge 3D graphics and solar landscapes in conjunction with accelerometer and touch screen controls offered by iOS platforms.

Feature List:

  • 3 game modes: Asteroid Waves, Blast Moon Structures & Hunt for Gold Asteroid Treasure.
  • 3 control methods: Accelerometer, virtual direction pad or touch screen.
  • Augmented Reality Mode: blast asteroids while keeping an eye on local reality.
  • Multiple ships to choose from, each with unique weaponry and thrust-braking ability.
  • Real Physics Option for True 3D Space Flight and massive 3D explosions
  • Win or Earn cash to buy new ships, armament and upgrades.

Plus, Asteroids 2012 provides a customizable gaming experience with 7 different language versions, left and right handed controls and customizable music modes from classical Bach or Strauss to Techno/ambient or even listen to your own music during play.

This universal iPhone/iPad app is optimized for high definition displays with increased performance and unique content for iPhone4S & iPad2.

Asteroids 2012 for iPhone and iPad is launching Worldwide in the App Store 1st Jan 2012.

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