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3M Debuts Two New Mobile Projectors at CES

I like little mobile projectors and I really don’t know why. I have two of them actually, one is a fairly expensive decent one and another is a cheapie no-name brand. I really don’t use them, but I had to have them. Just one of those things y’know?! Anyway 3M has just introduced two new mobile projectors, the MP220 priced at $479 and the MP410 priced at $599. Both will arrive in April for your mobile viewing pleasure.



The 3M Mobile Projector model MP220 offers an unparalleled 50 lumens brightness, WSVGA resolution and full, two-hour battery life. A robust, 2GB internal memory and MicroSD card slot enable easy loading and storage of files directly on the projector, lightening the business traveler’s load by eliminating the need for a laptop or other device.


For those frequently on the go and needing an added kick of power and brightness, 3M is introducing its first AC-powered mobile projector in a pint-sized package. The MP410 outputs a crystal-clear, 300-lumen, HD-image of up to 80-inches, yet is just 4 inches by 4 inches by one inch (400 cubic centimeters) and weighs less than one pound. One GB of onboard memory and an integrated MicroSD card slot truly make it an all-in one office for the mobile presenter, allowing for PC-free presentations – ideal for the modern, mobile sales professional for whom portability is measured by the ounce. Like all 3M Mobile Projectors, the MP410 boasts an impressive, 20,000-hour lamp life.

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