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44% of Verizon Android Users Intend To Go iPhone On Day One

Just when I thought Android was starting to get brand loyalty, a poll comes out and reports that 44% of Android users on Verizon are very or somewhat likely to switch to the iPhone when it’s released. That’s a pretty high number. Even more shocking (for me at least) is the reason to switch. Between Blackberry and Android users, the reasons those who intend to go iPhone gave were: interface (60 percent), web browser (58 percent), media (51 percent), memory (43 percent), and camera (41 percent). I know it’s muddied because of the BB users, but interface finishes first (an app launcher?), then a web browser without Flash comes next and it’s followed by things like non-swappable memory and a camera that’s a lower resolution than current devices. It seems like all of the high points of Android are dismissed. Well I’ll leave it to you to tell me why the cookie is crumbling this way…

You can read the polling details here.