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50th Anniversary Etch A Sketch gets Case for iPad and iPhone

Even though there is absolutely no way I would ever be caught dead with this case on my iPhone, I still felt compelled to write about the HEADCASE Etch A Sketch case for both the iPhone and iPad. Marking their 50th anniversary and being officially licensed for HEADCASE, these two new cases not only look the part of the famous toy of yesterday, but also come with an app that will allow you to relive your childhood, or take a step back in time to what us old people played with before cell phones and personal media devices  took over all our fascination.

Molded from high impact plastic, this case has been designed specifically for the iPhone 4 & iPad, meaning as well as protecting your phone, it also has cutouts for the various ports and features such as the dock connector and the volume controls.

The iPhone case will set you back just over 30 bucks and for $45 dollars the iPad version can be had. Even though this is an officially licensed Etch A Sketch Case, I still would have liked it to come with a screen protector for the OCD folks out there like me. Value Added, I’m just sayin’ HEADCASE.

Head on over to MobileFun to grab the Etch-a-Sketch Case for iPhone/ Etch-a-Sketch Case for iPad or any other fine retailer