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A Better Way To Send Files Over Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a pretty convenient way to send files to someone in the same room as you but it’s a little annoying since you never know the status (are you at 50% or 99%?) and you either need to zip multiple files or send them one by one. Well last_xerxes of XDA has put together an application called Persian Blue (the original language was Persian but it’s now multi-language) that has the following advanced features:

1) Manage Your Bluetooth Radio (On – Off – Visible)
2) Send Single File via Bluetooth
3) Send Multi File (Selectable From Any Folder) [Using Its Own File Manager]
4) Send Folder [Using Its Own File Manager]
5) Show Progress Bar (Percentage, Elapsed Time, Remaining Time, Speed All in Kb)
6) Send File or Folder Directly From your File Explorer [this App Adds new Item to Right Click of All Files and Folders in File Explorer named : Send Via Persian Blue… So you Can Send Directly From File Explorer]

This adds a lot of features that a lot of us have been looking for in a nice package. A direct link to the cab is located here and you can head over here for the complete XDA thread and to thank last_xermes for his great work.