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A Browser That Reads Sites To You

I was toying around with a browser called Nemonika which actually reads web sites out loud to you. Before we go too far, let me just say this is a news article and not a recommendation to download it. Why? Well the voice is very synthesized and it reads everything on the pages from the opening headers to the ‘copyright 2009’ at the end. It’s not a Kindle. Nonetheless, I know some of you just love to tinker with some new stuff and this may eventually turn into a real browser. If you try it, you have to use the mobile websites or else you’ll have to hear the entire full website being read out loud (including all of the tags and categories of the website). The browser does do a few really neat tricks. As you type it states your keypress out loud to confirm it. It’s supposed to also let you enter a website with your voice (you need to go letter by letter) but the accuracy left a lot to be desired. With all of that said, it was kind of nice to go to an article and let it read it out loud. It can also read txt files out loud (I couldn’t get it to work for doc files). And any keypress you do is verified by speech as well, so scrolling through the page is verified out loud. This is geared towards browsing while driving as best as I can tell but for now it will just lead to road rage. Oh and it seems to have a VGA problem since the text is a little off (not the typical 1/4 screen but misaligned, but thankfully it verifies presses out loud so you actually can use the browser regardless). Let’s hope this is still in development (the website is very sparse) and that eventually an app with these capabilities does come our way.

If you have a desire to toy around with this check out their website. Also note that this app is an exe that you run from your phone and which then installs onto your phone into main memory.