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Add An Orb Tab to TF3D2

We’ve mentioned Orb in the past but for those of you that don’t know, it lets you stream media from your desktop to your phone and one of its specialties is live tv. So, there’s no need for a SlingBox or other hardware (provided your computer has a tv tuner if you want live tv) and this is free software and it’s really great. That’s old news – the new news is that you can now have a dedicated TF3D2 tab for your Orb channels to put them all at your fingertips (so you can get live tv and even recorded media). This hack is courtesy of Heartisall from PPCGeeks who modified Manila TV Player (which adds a TF3D tab for streaming web content that’s pretty neat itself).

You should know that because of the way that Orb works it looks like Orb v1 (and not 2) needs to be used since v2 updates the links too frequently to be practical. The directions are located here and there’s a step by step guide located here. The setup is a little manual but for those of you who use Orb it’s likely worth the time. Just take a look at this video to see what you get:

Nice work Heartisall!