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Add More Functionality To Your Music Tab

Before you read too far, this is a beta and this is only for the Rhodium version of TF3D (the thing we call the TF3D Touch Pro 2 port). What this does is add a few new functions to the TF3D music tab. Pressing left/right (or the up down onscreen buttons on the outside) takes you to the first track of the next album. Pressing the physical keys of up/down (or the onscreen inside keys) takes you to the next track within the album (or the next song of the next album if it’s the last track). The coverflow now shows albums in both directions as well. All in all it’s pretty neat.

There’s a known issue that the right soft key ‘menu’ does not work when this is enabled (most of the functionality can be accessed through other keys anyway though). Also, flicking through the album with your finger does not bring that album into focus – only the physical or onscreen keys do.

And I know people hate when any of their tabs get messed up so before you install this back up the two manila files in play (42c4a5f3 and 252e3f90) which are both located in \Windows. The files are located here (or check the 10th post for a cab). This is the work of Fredz from XDA. Great work so far. I’m looking forward to seeing where this is going but we may eventually have an actual music tab in the works;)