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Add More Functionality to Your TF3D People Tab

For those of you familiar with the Touch HD, you’re probably aware that their People tab has a little more functionality than the Touch Pro’s. Under the photo it has quick launch buttons to dial a home number, cell number, sms and message (take a look at the photo). And thanks to XDA member showaco that functionality has been extended to our Fuze’s. It’s pretty simple; just go to start – settings – today and turn off TF3D then install this application and then restart the phone (and turn TF3D back on) and it will be up and running. It really gives you a lot more functionality and allows for less screen presses.

For those of you with the stock AT&T ROM you should know that the text of the name and number of your contact will be appear in white which makes it barely legible, but who needs to read it when you have the photo above it? Anyway, I love this already.

This adds a series of manila files and presumably will work on all versions of the Touch Pro and the Diamond. I’m using a stock AT&T ROM and it’s up and running, so report back to the community with your findings. You can download the file here in our forums or here on XDA. I again want to give credit and thanks to showaco for putting this together since it’s really a great extension for TF3D.