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All My Storage for Windows 8 Rocks!


All My Storage brings all of your local and Cloud storage together in one easy to navigate app. It currently supports; Dropbox, SkyDrive, Facebook, Box, Google Drive and IDrive EVS. Oh, and SugarSync is coming soon. If you own a Win 8 RT device, which can’t install Cloud storage clients, this app is a must.

It’s easy to setup multiple accounts with different logins. For example, I need access to three SkyDrive accounts pretty much all the time. Microsoft does a great job syncing a single SkyDrive account to a particular PC. But if you want to access a different SkyDrive, tunneling through is your option. With All My Storage I can access all three accounts, along with Dropbox accounts, from a single screen. Sweet.

  • Uploading, downloading, creating new folders, opening, renaming, deleting and sharing are all simple tasks, via touch or mouse
  • Moving a file is a easy as dragging and dropping
  • Search for a file in “any” of your linked accounts using the Search charm
  • Easily move files between your linked accounts
  • View stats of all your accounts at a glance




All My Storage is available as an ad supported “free” version, or you can pick up All My Storage Pro for $4.99.