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All Those iPhone 5 Cases Are Real

This really shows you how one rumor spawns new rumors until it tries to create reality. As you all know, there were plenty of iPhone 5 cases that were ‘leaked’ prior to today and that of course gave credence to the iPhone 5 rumors. There is no iPhone 5 (yet) so what’s the story with those cases? They’re real.

Simply put, case manufacturers are as out of the loop as the rest of us are. So to be on top of the latest they do what everyone else does. They have inside sources and try to follow the noise as much as possible. Since there were so many rumors about an iPhone 5 that all pointed to a set of specs, manufacturers like Hard Candy had to be prepared so they did exactly that and geared up to produce iPhone 5 cases. It’s part of the business, since as you know the announcement to release date on an iPhone is measured in days so they have to take some risks. For Hard Candy that was a $10,000 gamble. They were prepared to make the cases but had yet to start production.

In an ironic twist, their site still has the iPhone 5 cases and there’s still demand for them even though there’s no iPhone 5 so they’ve added this note:

So there were rumors that led to cases being made which led to more rumors and to people eventually wanting a case for a non-existent product…bonkers.

Well at least we know how to value leaked cases in the rumor mill.

via Forbes