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Amy Bennett, an AT&T CSR, Is a Real Doll, Believe You Me

AT&T subscriber who’s in the market for some service and you also like hitting jackpots? You will hit the jackpot of customer service experiences if you manage to get Amy Bennett on the line. What a charming and logistically effective pile of sugar that sweetheart is, let me tell you. And, unless she actually really loves her job, she missed her calling as an Oscar winner. But she didn’t miss my calling…

So my old man was slated to fly to Europe someplace today according to my calendar so I called AT&T to score a couple international packages for my pops. The lady who handled that first call was plenty helpful, particularly how she settled for the last four of my mom’s social rather than insisting on the account number, got the job done quick, no problem.

Called my father to impress him that I was able to remember to take care of him (thanks Google) and wish him a good trip to wherever he was going, turns out he cancelled the trip. The purpose of the trip had been to bid on a container vessel but thanks to the tea in light of recent economic developments the deal suddenly made less sense to him. I suggested that he may have made the right move and might not have “missed the boat so to speak” on this deal and pledged to remove those international things from his account.

Called back AT&T, danced through the menu system like I’m in Black Swan, and a probably young and attractive Amy Bennett picks up, immediately my mood elevates. Just something about her voice. The second thing that clued me in that Amy is a special gal is how she somehow was able to read my mind that I didn’t have the account number and just went straight for the last four of the social. Jedi.

Amy was genuinely sympathetic both to my having to call AT&T twice over this and exhibited some concern that she hoped that my father’s suddenly cancelled trip wasn’t a harbinger of misfortune, which touched me. But she agreed with me that in not going to Europe he’d probably save a few bucks which, given the recent economic developments, is probably prudent.

But that’s not all the bucks my father would end up saving today, no sir! Amy yanked those voice and data roaming things off the plan while we were in the middle of talking about the economic climate and cancelled the charges – like it never happened. Well Amy, something did happen, you with your aura of delight damn near put a strain on my marriage just by being you (but I have an honesty policy with my wife so I told her about you to feel less guilty about having had such a positive experience with you). The other thing that happened, Amy, is that you just gave me hope (I’m T-Mobile by the way, wife too) that this merger might not force me over to Sprint. I’m serious.

Thank you Amy. If you happen to know of a way to let Amy Bennett know, just in case she doesn’t read this site religiously, that someone was this moved by her, make that happen for me like Amy made so much happen for me. If there are more than one Amy Bennetts or you find one who has a different number of Ns and/or Ts in her last time, hell, tell them all that I wrote this just for them because, and I’m aware this isn’t rational, because their name is Amy Bennett too (or is spelled differently but sounds like it), I just know that they’re special too and deserve a little pat on the tush for a job well done. A little pat, nothing too weird, you know?

What’s that? Yeah, I was wondering the same thing, what she looks like. So I ran out to Central Park, found one of those impressionist caricature portrait street artists, told him the story, asked him to cook up his impression of Amy Bennett for me, he asked me for fifteen bucks up front, I told him make it twenty but I want it to be a very accurate impression for the extra five bucks, here’s what he came up with. Looks about right: