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An AT&T Online Pure Lie

image Just did my Tilt 2 search on AT&T’s site and I noticed this.  The Pure has a ‘web price!’ tag on it and here it states “online only price’. Great deal they have going for exactly the same price as the in store price. And it gets worse. You see that it states that a $20 or higher data or messaging plan is required for the mail in rebate. Well we already know that the Pure requires a $30 minimum data plan just because it’s a smartphone so the $20 minimum is misleading.

I cry foul. I want to remind you though that technically the web/call centers compete with the brick and mortar stores and they do often have separate deals and sometimes availability differs between online and retail stores. Just so happens that in this case it’s a pure and simple lie (pun intended). So if you want the same price but a delay in receiving your product and a return policy that requires you to mail in your device then go for the online only special deal:)