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Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone Users Champion Your Developers!


In case you haven’t heard the iOS has yet another “must have” app. The newest craze is a mail replacement app named-you guessed it-Mail. There has already been over a quarter million people reserving their spot to get access to the app and it has even made the trending list on Twitter. So now the question has been asked “How long before it comes to (insert your platform of choice here)?” To this I pose the question Isn’t it time for other major mobile platform users to start championing the outstanding and impressive apps that originate on their platform? You can’t be of the mind that the grass is greener on the other side unless you aren’t valuing what you have on your side of the fence.

Case in point. Instagram became a cult hit because it had a simple name and provided not just different filters but emphasized the social aspect of the app. This isn’t limited to just Instagram. On Windows Phone we have several apps that perform the same functions including a highly social component. It irritates me to see people clamoring for App X from another mobile platform when you have great ones on your own that you ignore. Are you really going to try and tell me Android doesn’t contain some awesome apps that can stand up to anything on any rival platform? That’d be ridiculous, unfathomable even.

So here is a word of advice for non-iOS users. Take the time to discover great apps on your mobile platform of choice. Champion the app by recommending it to your social network. Rate the app highly so that it can gain exposure and send a tweet or feedback to the developer to let them know their effort and commitment to delivering a top notch experience is appreciated. Naturally I will be doing the same and more. I’ll be reaching out to other tech bloggers to push this agenda. It has to start somewhere and I’m the type that would much prefer it be in my hands than leave it up to Google, Microsoft, BlackBerry or any OEM. We are the people and we hold the power.

Make sure you comment and leave a suggestion of great apps native to your platform of choice that should be highlighted. The revolution may not be televised but it sure will be publicized!!!