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Android Jelly bean 4.2.2, whats new?

Google has been pushing the latest Android 4.2.2 update to certain devices, mainly the Nexus 10 and 7 devices. There has been no official word from Google as to what is new, but Android Central did a god job at putting together a list for us! Check it out below.

  • When connecting via adb to a computer for the first time, you’re prompted to allow the connection. This small security enhancement will help keep your bootloader locked device safe if you lose it. [Android Police]
  • App download notification have been changed. Now you’ll see a progress bar that tells you the time remaining in addition to a percentage downloaded. [@ssaig]
  • Quick settings have been enhanced. Users can now long press on the Wifi and Bluetooth icons to toggle the setting. [@NittyMDev]
  • New sounds for wireless charging initiation and low battery alert. Users will now hear a notification sound when the device is placed on a wireless charger. In addition the low battery sound has been changed. [Android Police]
  • Removed option to show all calls in the phone app’s call list. 
  • New Gallery app animation allows faster loading. [@ssaig]
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