There is not doubt that HTC Sense loaded on the current Google Android Devices are making a really big hit with end users. But as we all know, HTC Sense runs a little on the “Heavy” side and some folks may not want to run it. If that is the case then you could still take advantage of a Sense styled clock widget that is the spitting image of that found on HTC Sense. Pretty cool you say? That is what I thought too when I saw it. But there appears to be more to it than that and some people are mad that Google would include a widget like this with their Stock ROMS and even on the FROYO ROMS. Is this a slap in the Face to HTC? You can download this for free so it isn’t like Google is making any money on it. But does the great relationship between Google Android and HTC Give them the right to “Rip Off” a very popular clock design made famous by HTC? Honestly, I have seen other clocks that look similar, but this widget not only looks similar, but has a lot, if not all of the same functionality of the HTC Sense Widget.

So what do you think? Me, I think HTC groans a little over it but nothing gets said. Will it hurt HTC? No. It may even be that this is a great advertisement for Sense. In any case, Google and HTC have a great partnership right now and I don’t think this will get much traction beyond the weekend blogosphere.

Source: Android Central


  1. That sucks man. As much as I don’t like I have ha the silly rubber case on. I have dropped mine several times from waste high only to have it bounce and still be good.

  2. I think HTC, in a world where manufacturers struggle to differentiate themselves through UI skinning and exclusive widget sets specific to the manufacturers themselves, will do more than groan. If you can get all the stuff HTC puts on their phones without having to get HTC hardware then they lose consumer value. I’m not saying it will hurt them terribly bad but I can’t see them not issuing some sort of C&D on this, especially with all the litigation in the air right now. It’s not like Google can help them with any of their current legal issues (which Microsoft is actually doing.)

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