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Android Twitter App Twidroyd Lets You Preview Content Within The App

Twidroyd is a Twitter app for Android that seems to have gotten a ton of positive press from a lot of sources. And today version 4 was let out the door and it’s impressive. Maybe because it seems to cram a lot of the iPad features onto a (relatively) tiny Android screen. Take a look at the embedded image. That’s called LivePreview and it lets you see media (photos, videos or web pages) within the app without losing your Twitter feed. Some notes from the developer:

The free version is a fully featured Twitter client, including postings, mentions, direct messages with threaded view, integrated search, list viewing, URL shortening, geo-location support, multi-language interface, background notifications and more. A Pro version is available for $3.99 and adds multi-account support, full list support, three desktop widgets for viewing tweets on the device’s home screen, native support and other advanced features. Both also fully integrate Twitlonger for tweets containing more than 140 characters, and plixi, for embedding photos within tweets. In addition to downloading Twidroyd 4 at the Android marketplace, Android users can also text TWIDROYD to 95997 on their phones to receive the download link directly. Android OS version 1.5 or higher is required for all features except LivePreview, which requires version 2.0 or higher.

That’s not the only change to the version (the complete changelog is here). but I think that, in and of itself, is enough of a reason to try it out if you Tweet from Android. If you test it out share your thoughts.