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Android’s Market – 38,000 Apps But Any Good Ones?

MSNBC had an interesting article today on Android’s Marketplace to discuss the difference between the number of apps and the quality of apps. Unlike other markets, Android’s Market isn’t restricted so any app can get in, even if it’s just a ringtone or based on a template with a slight tweak and some apps are just glorified web sites.  MSNBC states “Wallpapers, ringtones, and glorified RSS feeds all boost the Android Market’s numbers, but offer little value compared to, say, a great utility app such as Locale. As with the iPhone, which hit the 100,000 app mark last November, it’s worth questioning how many Android apps are actually useful.” It’s a great marketing gimmick to note that your market just gained 9,000 apps in a month but the question remains, how many of these apps are useful?