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Another HTC Touch Pro II Video Surfaces

PocketPCItalia gets the goods this time and has a good video walk through of the HTC Touch Pro II. I would have liked to have seen him take the back cover off and show everyone one the SIM Card, Storage Card, and Soft Reset Locations, but maybe on the next video huh Boys?

What the highlight for me in the video is the new scrolling bar. I really like this new feature and cannot wait to get my hands on this device! Other than ruining your Monday with excessive drooling, it is mostly the new Manila/Touch Flo 3D we all have had for our Fuze/Touch Pro for a little while now. (XBoxMod TF3D Touch Pro 2 Beta 1D Released

And yup, we like it!

Check out the video for a nine minute ride on the Touch Pro II train.


via: wmexperts