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Anyone can plank, but can you owl?

We have all either planked, been party to someone planking, or at least stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. But planking is now old school, child’s play, yesterday. If you are wanting to make a name for yourself, then you got to be new and innovative. Today it’s Owling.

Owling is the act of “squatting, arms pressed toward the ground and eyes locked in a wise, faraway gaze. You know … like an owl.”


However, if Owling is not your cup of tea, you can always resort to:

Coning: The act of buying an ice cream cone at a fast-food drive-through, then grabbing a handful of the ice cream, not the cone, when picking it up.

• Toothpicking: Posing on one’s head, straight up and down. A sort of vertical answer to planking’s horizontal form.

Leisure diving: Posing for a photo in midair while diving into a pool, while attempting to look as casual about the experience as possible.

Thanks to David K for brightening my day!

[via CNNTech]