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Apple chasing colors again, Green Glow iPhone 5 display issue surfaces

If you could see the smirk on my face right now you’d swear I took a trip to Foxconn to screw up the iPhone 5 production cycle myself. Yet another reported issue, bug, annoyance, or what ever you’d like to call it hinders the iPhone 5. Hinder, now that’s an irrelevant word at this point, the iPhone 5 seems to be flying off the shelves even faster than they can stock them, so perhaps hinder isn’t the best word to use here.

None the less, Cnet picked up on a growing mumbling in the iPhone 5 community complaining about a green glow on the display.  The issue has been recorded across many forum posts like iMore and even Apple support forums. As of now, Apple has not responded to the issue, probably because the moaning and groaning is still in the early stages, but users with the issue report they just stopped by their local Apple store and had the device swapped out.

Issues like this further my thoughts on the iPhone 5 being rushed. Has Apple’s entire quality assurance team gone on vacation for this product cycle?