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Apple finally approves TrapCall to unmask blocked calls

If you are having issues with blocked calls and want to find out who is calling you, then check out this app that has finally been approved by Apple and is already available for Android. It’s called TrapCall by TelTech Systems and it will help you put and end to blocked and private calls.

The app is free but the service will require some online setup and $5 a month subscription.

Check out this video:

How’s it work?
Easy! When you receive a private or blocked call, just decline the call so it can be sent to TrapCall for unmasking, and within seconds we send the call back to your phone with the number unmasked! You can even get the name and address associated with the number via SMS or Push Notification instantly! But that’s not all!

Blacklist Unwanted Calls:
Stop getting harassing phone calls! Blacklisted numbers will be played a phone company recording telling them your phone number has been disconnected. They’ll think your number has been disconnected and will stop calling forever!

Voicemail Transcriptions:
Your voicemails get converted into text and sent to you via SMS, email, or Push Notification. Read your voicemail messages via SMS while in a meeting, class, movie or other busy area!

Missed Call Alerts:
Receive alerts any time you miss a call, even when your phone is off or the caller didn’t leave a voicemail!

Caller ID Name & Address:
You won’t only see the number of the person calling you, but we’ll also show you their full name and address information, when available!

TrapCall is so revolutionary it’s been featured in: The New York Times, Wired Magazine, MSNBC, CNET, PC World, PC Magazine, Gizmodo & The Washington Times.

"There are few things as annoying about cell phones as getting calls with blocked or restricted caller ID. You don’t know who it is, but you’re going to have to pay for the call. That’s not right, and it’s why TrapCall is so useful." – PC Magazine

TrapCall features 3 different plans for different folks! Choose from the Bug Trap, Mouse Trap and Bear Trap packages, starting at just $4.95/month, with the features right for you.
Instructions are also included within the app to help you utilize TrapCall in conjunction with services such as Google Voice and YouMail!

To decline a call on your iPhone, simply press the Power button on the top of your iPhone two times!
Manage your TrapCall account right from your iPhone.

TrapCall is currently not available in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
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TrapCall(TM) is a product of TelTech Systems Inc. Patent Pending.