Getting a lot of people emailing me that Apple is still way behind on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Had someone order a new iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB Space Gray and the estimated ship time is 12-17 to 12-29! The iPhone 6 rolled out on September 19 and yes it had amazing sales bigger than any other iPhone before. However, after 60 days since launch this has to be the worst backorder situation Apple has ever been in and not the type of position you want to be in rolling into the Holiday season! Lest we not forget Apple, you are not the only ball game in town these days and Samsung and Nexus are hitting the street with new operating systems as well. Further the Galaxy Note 4 is also available now to go heads up with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

From recent reports everyone is feeling the pain and not just AT&T stores. Most other Apple iPhone venders are reporting 4-5 week back orders. C’mon Apple, this isn’t your first rodeo, giddy up and get some product to market!




  1. I’m feeling that pain right now. I ordered my iPhone 6+ Nov. 4th and mine is still processing and says expected delivery date of Dec. 2-9. I never had this problem of waiting for a Windows Phone, just saying. :-)

  2. I got mine, which my family ordered on the same day they’ve launched and it got delivered on Nov. 7th. almost 6 weeks later. The two iPhone 6s were delivered on the launch day itself, but 6P, yes, they’ve a lot of back orders especially 64GB and 128GBs are hard to find. you could get 16GB at both Apple and Carriers stores once in every week, but not 64GB and 128GBs.

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