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Apple releases first iPad 2 commercial “We Believe”

With demand soaring and Apple finally releasing the Apple iPad 2 overseas, they must have felt the timing was right to crank out a little TV commercial featuring the iPad 2. In the first commercial by the Cupertino Crew for the iPad 2, they kept it pretty simple but made sure they hit their buzz words and even made up a new one, “We Believe”.

Apple does a nice job tooting their hardware horn but the lead in is clear stating that “technology alone is not enough”. Apple then goes into “delightful” and “magical” wanting to leave their software and user experience impression behind which is the driving reason the iPad is so popular. Apple closes the commercial by saying what you end up with is “this”. Lead out with the iPad 2 displayed and the brand centered on the screen.

Simple, powerful, and great use of the device throughout the commercial. I just wish Apple would leave behind the need to use “magical” and all the other buzz words used to describe the device and the experience using the device. In any case, check out the video below, or just don’t and flip on your TV, you’re bound to see it sooner or later.