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Apple testing iOS 6.0.1 update 6.1 next year

ios-6-updateWhen a new device launches there are always people that have some issues. Some devices have had more problems than others but it never seemed that I was affected by the issues and generally my device worked pretty well. That was until I got the iPhone 5. I have experienced almost all of the issues that have been reported and generally have not been that happy. My old iPhone 4S with iOS 5 worked perfectly. Now I am coping with lines across my keyboard, the purple camera issue (huge issue for me),  and generally very poor performance on Wifi and  Cellular data. The one thing I have noticed which is positive is that battery life seems to have improved. Now granted I do not have LTE where I live but AT&T 4G on both iPhone 4S and 5 seems to be better on the 5.

If you are one of the people groaning about iOS6 and the iPhone 5 there will be some relief in the coming weeks as Apple seems set t release the first update to iOS 6 which will deal mainly with bugs called iOS 6.0.1. This update will deal with the problem that allowed Passbook pass details from the lock screen, calendar group invite bug, cellular data switch on iTunes match, Wi-Fi and cellular data bugs.

Finally, according to BGR, Apple will release iOS 6.1 sometime next year and will not launch the iPad mini that is expected from tomorrows media event with a new and updated OS.