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Are you looking at it wrong. Iphone X Face ID already facing issues.

Rumors appear, apple denies. That’s kind of how things go with them. Your phone’s reception is garbage? You’re just holding it wrong. Your phone is bent? That’s just an undocumented feature. You’ve got purple haze in your pictures? You’re holding it wrong again. Doesn’t seem to ever be apple’s fault. Doubt this new issue will be their fault either, and this phone hasn’t even come out yet.

Everyone has a big chubby over the new face unlock business. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that you have to stare, eyes open, at your phone to unlock it. When Microsoft did it, everyone with an iPhone told me how stupid it was, because they can just use their finger. Welcome to the party, idiots. Aside from the obvious issues, there seems to be a new one. Apple designed something very few people seem to be able to produce in working units.

The severe limitations of iPhone X stock were always supposed to be the camera system for face unlock. What apple neglected to mention is that roughly 80% of the units that were being produced were totally unusable and had to be scrapped. The ability of a laser projector and coupled lens to project 30,000 dots on your ugly mug, might have been a little too hopeful. Now, with the doom and gloom of apple stock ringing through the markets since no one wants an iPhone 8, apple may be relinquishing some of that facial accuracy to sell some iPhones.

According to Bloomberg, according to a person “with knowledge of the process” apple has relaxed some of its standards for the Face ID system. What this means, no one seems to no, and apple has already denied. This wasn’t the only problem though. The Face ID system is said to be highly fragile and requires unprecedented levels of precision for mass production. Hopefully this camera array holds up under real world use. You might be dropping your phone “wrong” at some point and bye bye Face ID.

Either way, apples woes are typically my jollies, so I’ve gotten mine today. Will you be one several dozen people with a iPhone X when it launches? You wouldn’t know. You’re too busy staring at your phone to unlock it to read news articles.

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