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Armorz Announces Corning Gorilla Glass Screen Protector for iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina

Well that’s a long headline isn’t it? Wasn’t sure how to fit it all in there really. So anyway, these sound cool, I wouldn’t mind having one, I mean plastic screen protectors are fine I guess but wouldn’t glass, or actually Gorilla Glass be so much better? The first thing I thought was I wonder how easy it would be break in transport or when you’re trying to get it back on. next though was, how do you get the bubbles out? You can really squeeze them out like you can with a plastic protector right? Anyway, Armorz has a lot of different Gorilla Glass screen protectors and now they’ve added the iPad Air and Mini Retina to those devices that can be protected by it…


Armorz, a leading manufacturer of mobile technology accessories, unveils the Stealth Extreme R for the Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina, the world’s first Corning Gorilla 0.4 glass tempered screen protector that is available now. Comprised of revolutionary Corning Gorilla glass, the new Stealth Extreme R is only 0.4mm thick and boasts unbeatable, shatterproof protection, as well as tapered edges for an appealing look and extreme durability.

Armorz’s world-class engineers carefully designed the Stealth Extreme R with 9H hardness-rated processed glass to absorb shock and safeguard your device from heavy-duty scratches and abrasions. Additionally, Armorz has developed a product that does not ignore aesthetics for protection. The Stealth’s tapered (rounded) edges provide a sleek, enhanced profile on your tablet, while still reinforcing critical points of impact and bolstering durability.

While the entire surface of the Stealth Extreme R is transparent, the underside is covered with strong silicon adhesive for easy installation without bubbling or lifting. In addition, this oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints and smudges, making it very easy to clean and maintain.

“As the mobile accessories industry continues to evolve, quality screen protection is a key component when consumers utilize their crucial mobile devices,” says Morgan Clancy, Chief Marketing Officer of Armorz. “Our innovative Stealth Extreme R made of revolutionary Corning Gorilla glass offers users superior screen protection without sacrificing its exciting style features.”


The Stealth Extreme R Tempered Glass Screen Protector retails for iPad Air- $89.95 and iPad Mini Retina-$69.95 and is available now at and