VivoTab-RT_popupConsider this repriced as the ASUS VivoTab RT 32GB is just $380 from Amazon. That doesn’t have a keyboard ($78 more) but at this price it’s infringing on the Android tablets in terms of pricing but include the full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for free. This is actually more in line with where the RT pricing should have been quite frankly. But RT shouldn’t be overlooked. I’m using my Surface RT for this in fact and still love the fact that it’s actually productive while maintaining great battery life.

The ASUS has 4 stars and the description even notes it has GPS and NFC so it’s well spec’ed for this category.


  1. I have both VivoTab RT (32 GB) with keyboard dock (which I got for free Asus) and a 32GB cloud storage for 3 years free from Asus in addition to my 27GB SkyDrive and a Surface RT (64 GB). I use both and reading books and doing stuff like posting to MobiityDigest is easy with Surface RT, but VivoTab RT is really good when it comes to battery consumption once you dock it to keyboard, it doubles the battery. I get about 18 hours of battery. Also the GPS, NFC when you are on road and the front camera are better and comes very hand when you do Lync and Skype. I also have a Nexus 7 and in no way it reaches near both VivoTab RT and Surface RT when you try to watch pluralsight videos and read ebooks and watch some movies.

  2. I’ve played with the VivoTab RT quite a bit. I really like it. It is really light and responsive. It is one of those tablets that good when you buy it but with improvements will be way better as time goes along.

    A good value at $380

    • When I went to Amazon it was in my suggested items thingy at the top. Good suggestion actually:)

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