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At what price would you buy a Surface RT?

imageMicrosoft is likely on the cusp of announcing pricing and availability of the Surface RT (remember the Pro is slated for January, 2013) based on the fact that they have now confirmed that their pop up stores are opening on October 26 for Surface sales. So, the simple question is, what would you pay for one? Of course, if the answer is $200 then don’t get too excited – that’s not the price these will sell for so that means you’re not a player. Ballmer had hinted at $300 recently. If that’s in line with the final price, you would have to expect it would be the 32gb version. Of course, the next question is if the price includes the Touch Cover because $300 for a premium product (and yes, the screen elements, kickstand, etc are high end and not just cheap plastic and low grade parts).

For my two cents, I was a little off put by the Surface recently. In the end, I think I need a Windows 8 Pro machine that has a detachable screen in some manner. A tablet won’t cut it for me without a keyboard and when I think of the Surface Pro I don’t think it gets me there. The kickstand is nice but I’ll use this for commuting and that kickstand won’t stay standing on my knees during a train ride without some magic. But as attractive as the new line of laptops are, I want to make sure I’m getting something that will last and I’m not rushing in now. It sounds like Intel and MS are still certifying CPUs so I can wait a few months to get a Pro laptop.

Now I have to think about an RT solution. I’m not jumping for RT but it does give me a nice tablet+. I mean, the inclusion of Office 2013 is a huge bonus so I could be productive on this. In the end, the Surface RT 100% comes down to pricing for me. If they are selling a Surface RT for $300 for the 32gb model I’m in (it has microSD so I don’t care too much about the 32gb limit). It’s a cheap enough price point that it buys me time before going Pro and dropping a lot more money. I have an Exo and it’s hurting (mostly because of screen resolution and lack of proper drivers). It’s still a great toy but the Surface RT is a serious tablet. So at $300 I’m an asshole in line to be the first to get one – buying without testing. At $400 I’ll think about it. I’m likely still in though as long as the Touch Cover is included but I’ll wait to get some hands on times with it first before making that decision. That would be a cutoff for me though. Above that and it makes more sense to just save my money and apply it to a Pro and live with what I have now.