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AT&T Combo Deal: Pantech Element and Burst for $250 on Contract

This is interesting, and if it’s still around next month when my contract expires I may have to grab it. AT&T has just put the Pantech Element and Burst on sale in a combo package for $250 on contract. You’ll have to get the #35 per month data package for the tablet but other than that I think the bill would stay the same if you’re upgrading. Then again it does say you have to get a 4G data plan for the phone, so I’m guessing my unlimited wouldn’t work here and I’d lose it… It doesn’t say to new customers only, so I’m guessing you could get it on contract renewal.


Sure neither at top of the line products, but if you’re looking for both a tablet and a new phone then this isn’t a bad deal I think.  It is a waterproof tablet after all, so that’s got to count for something right?


Check it out here:





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