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AT&T Diamond 2 a/k/a Pure Loaded Into AT&T’s System

Just the other day we revealed that the Tilt 2 was in AT&T’s system and now we come bearing more good news. The Diamond 2 has been loaded into AT&T’s system as well under the name Pure. There’s been lots of speculation over the name Pure and whether that would be the Diamond 2 or another HTC device (possibly the Snap or even an Android device). However, the model number on AT&T’s system matches what was found inside the leaked AT&T Diamond 2 ROM. Obviously, the fact that AT&T had a built ROM for the Diamond 2 is a good enough indication that it is coming to AT&T but this should advance that theory one step further. I guess the real question is if the Diamond 2 will be released before the Tilt 2 Of course, this causes a big dilemma – which to buy?