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AT&T raises prices on early upgrade for smartphones

As the AT&T Death Star approaches T-Mobile for a final assault and to demonstrate the full capability of their battle station, they are raising their prices on early upgrade customers wanting to get the next best thing in smartphones before their two year indentured service is up.

AT&T has confirmed to BGR that off-contract early upgrade devices affected are iPhone , Android, and Windows Phone, and that will go up $50.00 each. When you purchase the same devices with a one year early upgrade the price is going to go up $150.00.

”We’ve updated our early upgrade and no commitment price points for smartphones and feature phones,” an AT&T spokesperson told BGR. “Only customers who are not yet upgrade eligible or who do not want to sign a contract are impacted. As mobile devices become more sophisticated, their cost goes up. This change reflects the increased costs, while still allowing us to offer customers the latest device before they qualify. We’re happy to discuss individual account and upgrade needs one-on-one with customers.”

I look at is this way, if AT&T does in fact buy T-Mobile then they will need this extra money to pay Carly right?

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