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AT&T Samsung Captivate upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3

samsung-captivate-gingerbread-updateIf you are a Samsung Captivate owner on AT&T then check out the new update that is now available for you. AT&T has just announced that Android 2.3, otherwise known as Gingerbread is now available. The AT&T Captivate, their first real Android device was very well received after much criticism for sticking too closely with Apple’s iPhone while other carriers like Verizon and Sprint were miles ahead with their Android offering. The Captivate, which is really a rebranded version of the Samsung Galaxy S device that started the massive success for Samsung in the Android market. Samsung later would follow up with an even more successful Galaxy S II. If you are holding out until the end of your contract to get the next best device, then take heart in that you can upgrade to Android’s latest operating system for their platform for at least a short period of time. Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich, version 4.0 has hit the street exclusively with their own branded device called the Galaxy Nexus, also made by Samsung for them. It appears that a handful of new devices will be able to update to version 4.0 but I would not hold your breath Captivate owners!

If you are interested in updating to Android version 2.3, then head on over to the update page for the run down on what you can expect during the process located on Samsung’s website here.