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AT&T Tilt II First Photo With WinMo 6.5?

Well here we have it folks! What we have been waiting for! The AT&T Tilt II (Fortress?) or also known as the HTC Touch Pro II has gotten real with the first picture I have come across! We still have a bunch more questions but in my opinion, the AT&T is going to walk away from the US Carrier/Touch Pro II war in looks and keyboard! I am lovin’ the Chrome around the outside and have gotten brainwashed with the AT&T Style Keyboard with the numbers centered in the keyboard with a function button first press. More information on Operating System (looks like a WinMo 6.5 Lock Screen to us!) and if it will have (finally) a 3.5mm Audio Jack will hopefully come soon! Until we get more, behold the AT&T Tilt II and let us know what you think!


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