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AT&T’s Motorola ATRIX Best Buy Bound for February?

AT&T has been beaten to death over their poor offering of Android devices. The best thing any customer could get today would be an out dated Android 2.1 operating system on a Samsung Galaxy S device called the captivate. T-Mobile has got one called the Vibrant, Verizon has got one called the Fascinate, and T-Mobile has one called the Epic. Nothing about the Captivate puts AT&T in the Android game with the likes of Verizon with the Motorola Droid Army, and the HTC Incredible. Then you have Sprint with the fantastic EVO 4G. Lastly T-Mobile with the myTouch 4G and the G2.

Let me get this straight, the nations second largest wireless carrier is getting their ass kicked in a device saturated Android market? Not any more Android fans. Not any more.

Enter the Motorola ATRIX 4G.

This will easily be AT&T’s Flagship Android device and herald AT&T back into the Smartphone game. Yes, the ATRIX is that badass. It won “Best Smartphone” at this years CES Show. And it has been strongly rumored to launch the first of March. And we have been marking our calendars and checking our contract renewal dates with AT&T. That was until today when a post in the AndroidCentral Forums leaked that Best Buy would be receiving the ATRIX into their warehouses as early as February 13th and that Best Buy Staffers were already getting training. I’ll get back to the leak and some of the info it contained, but if this is true, how in the world would AT&T allow Motorola to drop the ATRIX at Best Buy first? AT&T should be gobbling up the opportunity to trumpet the dual core 4G speed freak with as much marketing as possible! Instead it is launching at Best Buy first? Wow AT&T. Another nice F*** up if this is true.

So the Best Buy leak also mentioned that the ATRIX would have accompanying components which we were teased with at CES. First was the dock to be used with displaying your ATRIX media on High Definition TVs. Video, Pictures, and any other form of media displayed in High Definition. The Second device was a laptop docking accessory that similar to Celio Redfly, would just be a clone with a docking station behind the display. The cost of the laptop accessory according to the Best Buy leak is $150.00. Keep in mind this is just a clone, no memory or processor are embedded in the laptop accessory.

Check out the below and then I yanked out a bunch of pictures as well.

[via GottaBeMobile]