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Badass Links

No secret that MobilityDigest has all the content you could possibly need but I’ll admit that once in a while I  check out some other sites you might appreciate. So why not drive away traffic from here and share some of my favorites with you? Crazy, right? Well, break out your Ctrl+D key combo folks!

Now if I had had power during the hurricane I would have posted an article on the Google Crisis Map, but make a note of it for the future just in case there’s another one of these storms. What’s helpful now related to Sandy is GasBuddy’s Fuel Shortage Tracker.

If you’re in the market for some laughs and are indeed ready to get pumped, should be your next stop (after giving us another couple pageviews please). If you want proof that to make a successful website all you need is good content, not flashy slideshows of “featured articles,” you gotta head to Another guy who knows how to write, Trollaxor, check that out and laugh your sweet little ass off.

This is also an app but a great website to remember for those of you who are jetsetters, provided your pied-à-terre is in the States (doesn’t yet do international), you cannot beat Flightcaster for status and delay predictions. Do you loathe Apple but still want to keep tabs on what they’re up to? Apple Haters.

Psych major who wants to try to diagnose a crackpot genius? Math/philosophy double major who wants to win $10,000? Bam, go hit up the, a classic.

Aspiring web developer who wants to go crazy with the power of the .htaccess file? Right here. Getting hacked or hammered by spiders? Go right here and get the IP ranges of any country to dump into .htaccess (I recommend banning China, all of Eastern Europe and Nigeria – no offense intended).

Beginning to feel like you and I have overlapping taste? Take a gander at my Google Reader RSS bundles, pure gold. Here are a ton of Google blogs (naturally), a little bit of this and that, got some php/python/css/js/etc for you, hey how about some straight-up Android sites, and finally some one-man operations that churn out top shelf content.

That’s it I’m tapped out fellas. Did I miss any?

Doug Simmons