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Bandwidth And Security Issues Force Ban On The iPad From College Universities

If you are Apple you have to hate it when a good plan goes wrong. One of the primary marketing demographics for the new Apple iPad was students as a learning tool. So naturally Apple is cringing as news that Princeton University and George Washington University have banned the Apple iPad because of Bandwidth and Security fears. More bad news for Apple as there are reports from the Wall Street Journal that “Cornell University also says it is seeing connectivity problems with the device and is concerned about bandwidth overload”

This seems premature as Apple readies to launch the next iPad wave that will come storming into college campuses across the country but only this time bring AT&T’s network to it’s knees as it will have 3G connectivity. So if you are on the fence about buying an Apple iPad and you are a college student, you might want to check before you buy or you may be leaving it at home to become your parents favorite scrolling picture frame.

Source, via ZDnet

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