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Be Stylin’: Font Makeover time

Are you tired of the Oxford shirt/penny loafers/khaki-wearing fonts that you  find on your WM phone? Do you want your phone to be as tragically hip as you are, with your untucked plaid shirt with snaps, black jeans with rips, and square-toed black shoes?

Well, it’s time for a style makeover for your phone! Introducing, first, Fontchanger from smilegod over at xda. It lets you easily change the fonts on all WM functions (see image on left). He has already created cabs for a bunch of fonts and he even takes requests for your favorite fonts.

But don’t stop there. Keep that style makeover going by changing your TF3D fonts too. Bullet7722 over at xda gives you tons of font  options for your WM and TF3D functions (see image above and right).

Finally, Godzson, again over at xda, offers more even WM and TF3D font options.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself stylin’!