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BerryMover Makes Transferring from BlackBerry to iPhone Effortless

Are you a BlackBerry owner that’s thinking of moving to the iPhone? BerryMover is here to make that move much easier for you. The app will import contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, texts and email quickly and easily. Price is $9.99 and you’ll be all set.


BlackBerry to iPhone switchers can now transfer contacts, calendars, text messages, email messages and more with BerryMover, a new app.


The need for this app seems huge. In a 2011 United Sample survey, over 66% of Verizon-based BlackBerry users said they would switch to an iPhone when it became available. Therefore, the numbers are staggering.


BerryMover works by reading backup files. It then gives the user the option of choosing which data they want to import.


Every copy of BerryMover comes with a complete video tutorial on how to import BlackBerry data to your iPhone. The app also includes the ability to import data from more than one backup file.


BerryMover will import all of the following data:
(*) Contacts
(*) Calendar
(*) Tasks
(*) Notes
(*) Text Messages
(*) Email Messages


Goggin concluded, "BerryMover makes the switch from BlackBerry to iPhone painless. Now switchers can transfer all their data over."


BerryMover is available now on the iTunes App Store for just $9.99.