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Best Speedtest in the Universe

Check out as I need your feedback and you need to know your speed.

sqYeah, you can use to get your megabits (deceptively throttled by your carrier), but I didn’t know where I could find an honest speedtest that is lightweight, loads in 200ms, lets me specify the type of test, tells me how fast the server’s own available bandwidth is so I know that my phone or computer is not able to outrun the server and so on and so forth.

So I’m making my own. It’s a work in progress but bookmark that sucker.

I cobbled together bits of code I googled and githubbed (check the credits on the test page) and duct taped together some snippets of my own. I think on a technical level it’s interesting, though if there’s any way to take it a step farther, more data, please advise.

What I’d also like to do is get the thing to save tests in order to produce a pretty table of which devices, which geographical locations and carriers are averaging what speeds, but no idea how to do that. Any ideas? Also, can anyone confirm that the speed test looks accurate?

Doug Simmons