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BGR Hands On With The Palm Pre At CTIA

The more I see it, the more I like it! The Palm Pre made an appearance at CTIA this past week and BGR has got the goods and a real nice video to get you Sprint users drooling! I really think the Pre will be well received by consumers. The video gives a nice look at WebOS by Motion Apps and the one thing I do really like is the card view. Another cool thing about WebOS is that all of the 30 thousand PalmOS applications can still be used through the WebOS emulator. all you do is plug your PRE in as a USB Drive and drag all of your PalmOS applications on to the Classic directory via the file explorer. How sweet is that? For a new OS to hit the ground running with 30K apps via an emulator is really good thinking on Palms part. The video goes through a lot of the applications and ends on a brief look at the keyboard, which looks pretty good. Also on the back you have a camera with LED Flash, and a giant size speaker. To top it all off, literally, because located on the top of the PRE is a 3.5mm Audio Jack! Like I said, the PRE is looking better and better everyday! Check out the Video:


So you watched the Video, now let us know what you think! I’m really curious as to what you folks think of the Palm Pre!

via BGR