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RIM teases us with BlackBerry 10 device image

BlackBerry 10 device image tease

RIM outs an image showing the back side of one of their heavily anticipated BlackBerry 10 devices. The images shows off a leather wrapped back with a nice pattern to it, much like what we’ve seen in previous Bold devices.

Speaking on anticipation, for some, this will be the return of the mighty Blackberry many have missed, for others, its just an interested eye from a far to see if they can really pull it off. The CEO went on record with NY Times saying “Whenever you enter an office, you don’t have your laptop with you, you have your mobile computer power exactly here,” Heins told The Times while pointing to a BlackBerry 10 handset. “You will not carry a laptop within three to five years.”

No Mr. CEO, we’ll be carrying tablets, I can’t help but wonder what his plan is for that!


source BGR

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