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BlackBerry Earnings Call Tidbits

Several interesting points revealed during the live conference call with BlackBerry. – One million units were shipped through March 2nd. Some sites like Wall Street Journal ran posts that it meant one million units sold. An analyst asked Heins to clarify sell through rates and he responded that about two-thirds to three-fourth of that figure had sold through the channel so far to-date. That means at most 750,000 units sold to-date in their strongest markets. That was an important question because BlackBerry’s sales are counted when devices are sold like Apple since they are the hardware & software provider. – Says most of the subscriber loss is in the pre-paid market. BlackBerry doesn’t have a capable model in this segment and that trend of losing subscribers in this market will continue. – Heins made special mention that enterprise customers were “very hot on getting Q10”. That doesn’t speak well to enterprise sales for the Z10. – Heins dodged a question on how many of the one million BB10 sales were consumer and how many were enterprise.